Cross Platform Mobile Apps

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May 17, 2019

Cross Platform Mobile Apps


Deliver native Android, iOS and Windows app using existing skills, team and code. Build native apps for multiple platforms on a shared C# code base. Use the same IDE, language and AI everywhere.


Ship better apps faster with automated testing. Find bugs before you ship with automated tests running on the devices on the Xamarin cloud. Over 2000 real devices are available on Xamarin Test Cloud.


Bring mobile DevOps to your apps and reliability to your user. Distribute beta version, collect live crash reports, get feedback from real users are analyse test coverage.


Time to market

Overall testing time decreases as automated tests can be run quickly, anywhere and are conditionally free. Release app simultaneously on Apple, Android and Windows mobile store.


15 Point checklist before you start building your mobile app

Are you planning to develop a mobile app? Great… Here is a 15-point checklist before you even get started with it.

Scoping and high-level estimation of any mobile application development and testing can be simplified using a simple checklist approach. It helps in refining your initial requirements and ensures that the mobile app’s scope of work is clearly defined. It allows you to capture a prospect’s needs at very high level.

An eBook is a handy tool for a mobile app marketer, architect, and developer.

It provides guidelines:

  • To scope mobile apps.
  • To get insight into the customer’s requirements.
  • To find gaps.
  • To gauge testing requirements.

Automated mobile testing using the Xamarin Test Cloud

  • Release apps faster with automated testing
  • Over 2000 plus devices on Xamarin cloud
  • Check near to actual UI behavior prior to the release of the app
  • Analyze app performance

An exclusive look of our capabilities with Xamarin

Healthcare app

App in Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Nutrition segment

  • GPS tracking
  • Route mapping
  • Interface with Social Media site
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Interface with third party food and nutrition database
  • Mechanism to create crowdsourced local food and nutrition database

Private networking and dating app

  • Private peer to peer social network to connect singles
  • Allows user to share their images and message privately
  • Interface with social media sites like Facebook
  • Like and comment on the post
  • Send feedback

CAD Training app

  • Student Registration
  • Multiple courses subscription
  • Aptitude Tests / Quizzes for practice
  • Assessment Tests for grading
  • Refer to friends
  • Job notifications
  • Daily news feed
  • Ask queries
CAD Academy
Fleet Partner

Fleet Partner app

  • GPS tracking
  • Route mapping
  • Stores information

Market Survey app

  • GPS tracking
  • Use internal devices like camera and signature pad
  • Sync in data asynchronously